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We are a boutique roasting company in Kent that focuses on Arabica coffee beans that, when brewed, produce a unique and flavoursome specialty coffee. Our aim is to provide customers with a superior tasting alternative coffee. We’ve dedicated years to perfecting our roasting formula to ensure we get the maximum taste satisfaction from every cup. This means experimenting with a huge variety of beans from around the world. We decided to take the top 3 from what we analysed as our favourite, and exploit their full potential. These were narrowed down to Kenyan AA, Colombian Cundinamarca and Ethiopian Sidamo Grade 2. Take a look below to learn a little more about what makes these countries and their coffee so exceptional, as well as some facts about our company and the amazing coffee industry.


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Our Company Ethos

We like to try to give back to the environment as much as we take from it. Conserving the integrity of standing forests in Colombia, Kenya and Ethiopia is of high importance, as well improving the income of the hard working farmers and contributing towards water and soil conservation. We select our beans from farms that are part of the Rainforest Alliance program, Fair Trade program and conform to the standards of the Sustainable Agriculture Network (SAN).
We care about the quality of our product, from start to finish. Which is why we only select the best fair trade Arabica beans from the most superior locations in the world. If our beans get a good start in life we know, combined with our roasting experience and knowledge, that we can produce high quality coffee on a consistent basis. We then lock in the flavours by sealing the coffee beans in premium bags with a one-way valve that allows carbon dioxide to escape and keeps air from entering and degrading the beans.
Customer Service
We aim to provide an industry high standard when it comes to delivering excellent customer service and satisfaction. This stems from our roasting methodology to delivering our products. Roasting in small batches upon each order allows us to control the maximum output of flavour as well as providing superior freshness, which is vital in drinking good coffee. Additionally, we offer industry a new level and experience to enjoy the morning coffee, upon introduction of our beans into your business or workplace we ensure that your equipment or if you choose one of our machines is set up correctly to produce the optimum flavour in each cup and we maintain this service through the year.
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Coffee Matters

Check out these incredible facts about the coffee industry in 2016

Coffee is hugely important to many people around the world, from the farmers who rely on the income to support families, to the consumers who rely on a kick to start their day

Coffee imported into Europe in 2016
Coffee consumption in Europe in 2016
Combined coffee production of Ethiopia, Kenya and Colombia in 2016
Total amount of exported coffee from Ethiopia, Kenya and Colombia in 2016

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