Kenyan Coffee Beans

Kenyan AA coffee
Speciality Arabica coffee beans are pretty special, and produce the most impeccable coffee due to the ideal conditions in which they grow. Sumptuous soil conditions combined with high altitudes are the key ingredients for growing and cultivating the best coffee – and Africa has them both in spades. As in Asia and Latin America there are different coffees in different countries where the taste varies, however they do all share common traits – African countries usually produce a washed Arabica coffee which is usually balanced, bright, with citrusy, winy berry and floral notes. We will focus on three African countries, namely Kenya, Ethiopia and Tanzania.
What can you expect from Kenyan AA?
Kenya AA coffee is grown at levels higher than 6,600 feet above sea level::Kenya AA is one of the world’s finest premium gourmet coffees. Due to the high plateus of Kenya their farming produes a full body and rich, solid, flavor coffee bean with an extremely pleasant acidity. The fragrant aroma also has floral tones, with a winey finish and aftertaste with citrus and berry overtones.The Grading of Kenya AA Coffee which is the biggest size in the Kenya coffee grading system is AA, which means the coffee bean is just over one fourth of an inch in diameter. Kenya AA is an every day specialty coffee.What is certain, is that Kenya AA is one of the finest coffees and also one of the coffees most favored by coffee connoisseurs
Kenyan AA cupping notes::Cup Profile Aroma : Nutmeg, berry Acidity : Very bright Body : Medium Flavour : Chocolate Altitude : Grown 3500-6000 ft

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