Mexican Roasted Coffee Beans

Mexico Seleccion Huatusco
About Huatusco Mexican roasted coffee beans. The mountainous region of Veracruz, Mexico is one of the large coffee-producing areas in Mexico. In the volcanic soil and high-altitude regions of Huatusco and Xalapa, we typically find altitudes of 1000 – 1500 MASL. The region is known to be a spring season all year long, which makes it perfect for growing coffee. What is perfect for growing isn't always perfect for processing. The constant rainfall makes sun-drying impossible. Most of the coffee produced In this region is using washed process and mechanical drying. Given the excellent terroir, high altitude farms, consistent cherry processing & mechanical drying at controlled conditions, it was an ideal combination for experimentation with innovative processing conditions. Olam Innovation Team embarked on an experiment to test the effect of extended fermentation using indigenous micro-organisms as well as the effect of extended fermentation using a starter culture.
What can you expect from Mexico Seleccion Huatusco
Huatusco area in Mexico is known for caramel, chocolate and roasted aroma:Science Behind the Results Coffee from Huatusco area in Mexico is known for caramel, chocolate and roasted aroma through abundance of pyrazines, dry finish was a given. Extended submerged fermentation using starter culture generated favorable metabolites such as ethyl acetate (fruity) & ethanol (sweet) leading to fruity & sweet aroma at the same time, reducing unfavorable volatiles such as pyridine (fishy), methyl pyrazine (roasted), guaiacol (smokey). The dry finish was changed to “juicy” finish in the treated coffee. The combination resulting in higher cupping scores. We believe that extended fermentation under submerged conditions & use of starter cultures have a significant improvement in coffee aroma from the Huatusco area in Mexico

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