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Malawi is a relative newcomer to the world of coffee making, and to catch up with the more experienced African regions, you think they’d had their work cut out. However, Malwai is perfecting its methods and is certainly producing some excellent coffee, so don’t be too quick to dismiss it. They’ve certainly mastered the rudimentary skills of coffee bean processing beautifully. In more recent years, the Malawi coffee has been producing different bean sizes as follows – AAA, AA and AB, but today’s focus will be on the AB bean. A fascinating back history reveals a coffee farmers trust in the South Malawi regions formed by its shareholders, called Mzuzu, with no state-controlled auctions. 

Wet processing of coffee that brings a unique taste

The methods used are wet processing, where the bean, after harvesting, has the mucilage removed via fermentation which can take anything up to a few days in tanks, or it can also be done mechanically using mechanical de-mucilagers. The beans are then left to dry on their elevated drying beds. The beans flower from December to February, and are harvested from May to September. Getting the coffee to the port from its original place of growth and processing is quite a logistically ambitious task, but thankfully for us, it’s done successfully all the same.

So, what can you expect from your Malawi AB coffee then?

This is a coffee that comes with floral and citrusy lime overtones with a medium body, acidity and sweetness. There are more complex flavours of cranberry with malt and hops notes. This Arabica coffee comes with a full body and smooth, soft flavours. This coffee is complex, yet not overwhelming, allowing you to taste a coffee that’s brimming with flavour. There’s the sweet citrus, cranberry taste with a crescendo of florals, tea and added chocolate, setting your taste buds alight. 

In summary then – a coffee that delivers on flavour and taste

All the hard work that goes into making this coffee, in a region where coffee production is relatively new, has really paid off. The Malwai AB is a beautiful coffee that doesn’t intimidate, but simply introduces a variety of complex tastes, that will bring something new and exciting each time you drink it. The cranberry acidity is offset by the flowery like overtones with a smooth medium sweetness that can be enjoyed following a meal, with breakfast, or simply on its own as a mid-afternoon pick-me-up. You can easily drink more than one cup of this in a day without feel overwhelmed. Try it and we’re convinced you’ll love it as much as we do.

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