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Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Grade 2

With Ethiopia being the motherland of coffee, it’s fair to say they’ve got their coffee-making methods down to a fine art. The Yirgacheffe bean is picked by hand by dedicated workers and it is a washed coffee. The beans are washed after having their outer layers stripped to get rid of the skin and fruity pulp. They are then soaked for around 72hours in fermentation tanks. The floral flavours and high acidity are due to this wet processing method, which is less likely with the dry. 

Yirgacheffe, where the coffee is grown, is within the Sidamo region but is a distinctly different coffee to other coffees which come from this area. Again, it’s grown and prepared as part of a cooperative that is able to sell the coffee at a fair price. With high altitudes, a warm climate, and an abundance of sunlight with occasional rains, Ethiopia is able to produce a truly first-class coffee.

Diligent methods, great coffee

The diligence of the coffee-making process pays off with a beautiful cup of coffee with chocolate, bergamot and fruity notes. It has a big body and a classic acidic feel which all contributes to a really delicious cup of coffee. This is a light-medium roast with the distinctive citrusy notes having their moment. There’s a rich intensity where you can find jasmine, spices and those cupping notes with a hint of earl grey tea, culminating in a coffee that brings clarity and freshness to finish. 

Savour the nuances of this most elegant of coffees

This is one of the coffee’s that’s to be savoured and is every bit as nuanced and full of flavour as you’d expect. It’s complex and well balanced, with a sweetness that compliments the overall taste. This is not the coffee for you if you simply want a caffeine fix, it’s far too sophisticated for that. Ethiopians themselves have their own way of drinking coffee, with three rounds of coffee being the usual serving with lots of sugar added, salt even, but never milk. The rounds of coffee all have their individual names, the Abol (first), Tona (second) and the Baraka (third). And this ritual can often take place anything up to three times a day. Evidence, if any were needed, that if you’re drinking quality coffee, you can drink as much as you like in a day. 

Drink it in the morning, afternoon or night

However, many times you drink Yirgacheffe coffee, whether it’s three cups or one, and it’s recommended that you have at least one cup a day, you will enjoy each mouthful of this delicious Ethiopian coffee. High recommended!

Cup Profile

Aroma : Softly fragrant
Acidity : Full
Body : Smooth Mediuml
Flavour : Wine and fruit overtones
Altitude : Grown 1800 metre’s

Additional information

Weight .1 g
Dimensions N/A
Roast Type

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