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Mexican Coffee in the Present Day

Today, Mexican coffee production is on the rise once again as it’s experienced small farmers leverage their skills to increase the country’s export volume. In fact, about 70% of Mexico’s coffee production happens on small farms, which number more than 500,000. Mexican coffee growers also produce multiple crops — like fruit, sugar cane, and beans — to supplement their income.

  • Flavour Profile: Since its introduction in the 18th century, coffee remains one of the region’s most important exports. Located on the gulf side of Mexico’s central mountain range, the region features two different coffee-producing areas: lowland and mountainous.While its lowland coffees often have an unremarkable flavour profile, the region’s mountainous coffees include the sought-after Altura Coatepec beans. Named after the town of Coatepec, Altura Coatepec coffee has a reputation for nutty, bright, and chocolatey tasting notes.
  • Processing Format: Washed

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