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The Cream of the Ethiopian Crop” – This distinctive Decaf Ethiopian coffee is grown high in the mountains in a very small area of the Sidamo region. A rather expensive-tasting, premium quality gourmet coffee worth every penny. Notable is the unique taste – remarkably soft, smooth and rich. More on the delicate side with a medium body, excellent balance, and what many call a soft perfume-like aroma. A winy, almost flowery taste is discernible. Ethiopian is roasted to a medium to bring out all of the unique characteristics of this simply remarkable African favourite.
Coffee Arabica was also found in the Harar region quite early, either brought from the Kaffa forests or from closer areas around the Sudan border. It is entirely possible that slaves taken from the forests chewed coffee cherry and spit out the seeds, thus spreading it into the Harar region, through which the Muslim slave trade route passed.

Cup Profile

Aroma : Softly fragrant
Acidity : Full
Body : Smooth Mediuml
Flavour : Wine and fruit overtones
Altitude : Grown 1800 metre’s

Additional information

Weight .1 g
Dimensions N/A

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