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What makes Colombian Coffee the world’s best coffee?

  • Finding a quality wholesale roasted coffee bean at the right price can be a problem. 

At Arabica Beans, our mission is to fuel your customers with the best Wholesale Colombian Roasted Coffee Beans made by passionate people for passionate people, and our carefully selected, perfectly roasted Colombian Roasted Coffee Beans produce bold, highly caffeinated coffee blend. We strive for the best tasting and highest quality organic and fair trade bean in every bag Our processes are certified and we have committed to sustainability throughout our products. We offer a 100%, guarantee: If this isn’t the best coffee you’ve ever tried, we’ll gladly give you a refund. We also tailor individual packages to suit your requirement. So if you’re looking to give your customers the best tasting and highest quality organic and fair trade coffee then you will need a speciality coffee roaster like us and the best Wholesale Colombian roasted coffee beans producing a rich aroma and a genuine flavour in every cup!!

Why Buy Wholesale Coffee From Arabica Beans

The aim of any business is to make money and with coffee purchased from Arabica beans, you will notice your profits double.
Producing coffee is a complex procedure that demands a tremendous amount of expertise right across the production chain. Shortcuts can undermine the overall quality of the beans, but we prefer to take the longer, producing a well-roasted coffee bean.


Buying our coffee will assure you have


  • Perfectly roasted coffee beans to produce a dark, bold, highly caffeinated coffee
  • The freshest coffee possible
  • Ethically sourced coffee beans certified organic and fair trade to ensure you’re getting the highest-quality beans available
  • Risk-free guarantee. If this isn’t the BEST coffee you’ve had, let us know and we’ll make it right. OR YOUR MONEY.
  • We are selective about our retail customers as we are about our coffee
  • Fast Deliveries


You may effectively become tempted into buying poorer quality coffee beans in order to save some money,

This process actually is a false economy: the product will not be as satisfactory and you would be seriously limiting your potential to make money and win customers from other locations.
Look at our Wholesale Colombian Roasted Coffee Beans. It has been independently recognised as a specialist espresso blend for its impressive and complex characteristics of nut, dark smoked spices and chocolate.
As well as being Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance and Soil Association certified too.
Cost Example
Let’s assume that you currently sell, on average, 100 drinks per day at £1.75 and that the wholesale cost of your coffee equates to 6p per drink, an average cost for cheaper, common blends.
Therefore, during the week your total coffee costs would be around £42.
However, if you were to use a better tasting and more premium type of coffee–our wholesale Colombian Coffee beans, for example, works out on at 8p per cup on average–then all you would require to make is the extra expenditure to sell an extra two cups of coffee per day.
By investing in a superior variety of coffee, you would increase your profits immediately. Instead of serving up average coffee, you will whip up gourmet quality coffee and winning new and repeat custom regularly.



Wholesale Trade Account

To obtain your free wholesale membership account simply complete the registration details and an authentication email will be sent. Once you have completed the authentication you will have full access to our boutique style roasted coffee and consumer discount prices.

If you wish to become a trade member continue to purchase your free consumer membership then please contact us with your requirements for further details.

We supply our roasted coffee beans in 1 kg bags for coffee bars, restaurants, hotels etc
Most of our roasted coffee beans are in the price range between £9-18 per kg. We have three price tables below, which are an example of an average order.

Basic Price 1 kg Bag
Per Order
3+ 1kg Bags
Per Order
5+ 1kg Bags
Per Order
10+ 1kg Bags
Per Order

You can place your order on the phone and use this site for information Or you can register on our website and apply for a volume discount designed for your requirements. Then you can order online at any time, pay as you go and avoid any misunderstandings.

Minimum order: To qualify for trade prices you must be a caterer or retailer and order on average £150 per month or more. Carriage: £4.00 plus VAT, carriage free over £150. These rates do not apply to some outlying regions of the UK or abroad. These prices are for payment with an order by credit or debit card. We can only arrange credit with customers who regularly order larger volumes of coffee beans.
Delivery: We normally deliver within two working days. Our carriers are DPD and UK Mail who offer online tracking and notification of delivery. They will often accept orders to leave on a porch, but we advise you to give an address where there is someone to accept deliveries in-office hours. We advise all our customers to maintain a level of coffee and where possible order your roasted coffee beans in advance to avoid panic.